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The aims of the Fynn Mood Goldfish Club (Singapore) are:

  • To provide an interest in the study of all characteristics varieties of goldfish
  • To encourage members to seek and learn from different breeders
  • To encourage the showing and exhibiting of goldfish varieties
  • To encourage members to achieve a higher level of groom skills
  • To continue to write articles and post it in the club website to supports the keeping, breeding, showing and study of goldfish

Benefits of membership

  • Access to direct advice from reputable and specialist member/breeders from China, Japan and Thailand
  • Able to order quality fish from breeders through the club regularly
  • Able to have farms visit in other countries
  • The ability to dispose of surplus stock through the membership and do an auction sale from our forum
  • Access to goldfish products that is hard to find locally (example: special diet food)
  • Exclusive information sharing regarding the breeding and grooming of goldfish from experience members
  • To partake in the FGC competition (In progress)

Membership price

The cost of joining the FGC Membership fee is $30.00 for the first year.

  • Second year onward, yearly $24 subscription


Click here to download Membership Application Form/Renewal Form (subject to approval by committee members)


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