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Thank you for being part of Fynnmood forum.

I would like to start my welcome note by inviting you to walk down memory lane with me.

About 5 years ago, I found myself standing in front of an old Chinese mansion, exactly like those depicted in Chinese Kongfu movies.

The entrance of the house was pretty humble. Only when I stepped into the house to find countless doorways leading from one part of the house to many more other parts, that I felt a huge sense of majestic force adjuring for respect. I found myself lowering my head, drooping my shoulders and taking each step carefully. However, on the other hand, my heart felt a sense of tranquility and serenity as the cool breeze ran past me along the hallways.

A gentleman, then lead me from one hall to another, one garden to the next before I finally met Master Ma. He was the head servant of that house. The owner was once a wealthy man who had a sideline hobby of exporting goldfish and Master Ma helped him to take care of his goldfish business. However, during the Cultural Revolution, the owner of the mansion was killed. By some twist of fate, the head servant, Master Ma, was tasked to look after the house.

I was told that Master Ma was known as one of the last masters in understanding Chinese Goldfish. Like any typical Singaporean, I tried to showoff my knowledge that I have learnt from a Japanese breeder by talking about specifications of a perfect goldfish for different breeds. In a brief moment, he pulled out a book from the shelves and threw it on the table.

Titled, "Goldfish", the book was no secret book, just an old print sold in 1992. Master Ma went on "Nothing interesting about specifications, you talk to the book".

As a hot-headed young man, I was in offended when I heard his remark. I calmed down and re-composed myself before asking him what a perfect fish to him is.

Instead, he asked:
"What is the impression this house gives you?"
"Does your heart find peace as you sit here quietly?"
"How can two extreme emotions be bound in one unity?"
"A fish that possesses such attribute is everyone's perfect fish"

In 2005 Master Ma decided to take a long rest. I feel that we have truly lost a great man in the contact of 'Art of Goldfish Appreciation'. Hence, I would like to dedicate this forum in memory of Master Ma. I wish I could tell him I have understood his words and yet there are more I wish I can learn from him.

Goldfish is often seen as a cheap and simple breed of fish by the common eyes. But just like the mansion, when you step into the world of goldfish, you will find endless varieties of goldfish as well as deep admiration of the breeders' skills and knowledge. The two have combined the art of beauty and new age engineering works seamlessly.

Without further ado, warmest welcome to fynnmood forum and hope you have a good time in the art of goldfish appreciation."

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