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A short interview with Siriwat Supakityothin

Fynnmood: "How long have you started practising ranchu breeding?"
Mr. Supakityothin: "I started breeding ranchu 10 year ago."

Mr Supakityothin with Mr Kashino

Fynnmood: "Which breeder did you select for parent fish?"
Mr. Supakityothin: "Ranchu came from Kashino, Kawai Naito, and Takaushi breeder for Japan."

Fynnmood: "Do you still get fish from the same breeder?"
Mr. Supakityothin: "After 7 year, I used ranchu from Mita, Yamada and Ichima to develop until I get fish that have face long, thick back, beautiful base of tail."

Fynnmood: "When is your breeding period, what is the best time to get ranchu fry?"
Mr. Supakityothin: "We breed ranchu during Oct-Feb and June-Oct. In Thailand we can breed ranchu most of the year.

Fynnmood: "How do you feel about your fish compared to normal Japanese ranchu?"
Mr. Supakityothin: "We get quality fish not different from Japan. The only thing that a little bit different is color. My fish got many award in Thailand and most of my fish win fish that import from japan."

Thailand ranchu has always been a hot topic in Singapore. There are a group of serious hobbyist that don’t believe the ‘Land of Thousands smile’ ranchu can be compared to the ‘Land of the raising Sun’. While there is the other group which like to explore into the world of Thai Ranchu.

15cm male show grade

Base on what I have gathered, parent ranchu from Japan has been shipped to Thailand during the 1900s, due to the climate in Thailand, ranchu is able to breed all year round. This allows the Japanese to meet up the high demand in Japan.

For years, these babies ranchu were all brought back to Japan for culling and grooming, until the economy down turn in the late 1900s. Large number of hobbyists has stop keeping ranchu in Japan.

13cm female AAA

As the result, the Thai was so-called given permission to release ranchu to local market. Hence till today, Thai ranchu are often being compared to Japanese ranchu.

This is definitely an wonderful relationship!

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