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Thailand Ornamental Fish Festival


With all the help from hobbyists and commercial, Fynnmood was very proud to have pulled through the very first Singapore Goldfish Festival. At that point of time, never would I imagine (for the rest of 2007), there would be any other Fynnmood activities that can come close to this event. Not until Fynnmood was invited as goldfish judges in Thailand. The invitation was really an eye opening for Fynnmood and the Club is extremely honoured to play a little part in this Thai event.


This prestigious event was graced by Her Royal Highness Princess Srirat, Royal Consort to HRH the Crown Prince of Thailand.


On the two sides of the stage were franked with the portraits of the King and the Queen. The whole atmosphere was surrounded with royalty. I remembered how the Thai official briefed us about the rule when come to receiving the token from the Princess. We are supposed to walk briskly toward the Princess with our head 45 degree lowered down, no eye-to-eye contact with the Princess. No smiling, hand shaking or even say “thank you”. Just stretch out the hand to receive the token and then turn away. I’m not sure about how others feel, but all these rules and regulations actually got me so excited, I feel like a teenage boy getting ready to meet his superstar idol!


The event consists of 3 kind of Ornamental fish.

  • Goldfish 200 tanks
  • Guppy 120 tanks
  • Flower horn (Luohan) 140 tanks

    Like many other events, this event had its fair share of attractions too. There were many magazines on arowana, goldfish, flower horn, etc. on display, too bad they are all in Thai. There were commercial stalls showcasing their goldfish and odd ball (rare fish). A white alligator gar almost 4 feet long stand out among the exhibits.


    As for the goldfish competition category, this event has raised the bar of the competition level to a new height. Some might heard of the regular competitions held back in Bangkok, however understanding from the Thai official, these entries were very different from those in Bangkok. It is not any hobbyist competition, it is a showdown between farmers and breeders, and as a result the entries standard was very high. Most fish were bigger in size compared to the rest of the competition in Thailand.


    There are 6 categories in the goldfish competition:

  • Buffalo Head Ranchu
  • Blackie (Black Ranchu)
  • Oranda
  • Ryukin
  • Lionchu
  • Open (Dragon eye, Pearl scale, bubble eye, etc)

    Judges were from UK, USA, Malaysia and Singapore. Every judge brings along their own set of standard from their respective country to judge the fish. Hence, it was extremely challenging for one fish to meet all these different standards of schools of thought. Any hobbyists who own the prize winning fish should be really proud of him/herself. Imagine the winning fish has to satisfy both the Western and Asian appreciate, this is something that not any or every fish can achieve.


    It is really not easy to come together to agree on a certain fish. Judges hold proud of their standard and many times the judges went into strong debate. Smiles only broke through after the result was finalized. On the personal note, I’m really flattered to be a judge in this event. There is always so much to learn.


    Below are the First (left), Second, Third prize winners for the Buffalo Head Ranchu. This is the main category that all eyes focus on, among the different varieties of goldfish, the buffalo head ranchu is Thai’s proud variety.


    Judges’ comments on the First Prize Buffalo Head Ranchu


    Singapore Judge (1)

  • Nice headgrowth
  • Good back curve
  • Even colouration

    Other Country Judge

  • Good body shape
  • Impressive head
  • Colour could be stronger in intensity

    Following are the First (left), Second, Third prize winners for the Blackie. Note that the First prize winner of this category is also the Grand Champion for goldfish category of this event!


    Judges’ comments on the First Prize Blackie


    Singapore Judge (2)

  • Good colour and good curve
  • Overall proportion is good
  • Strong peduncle and tail
  • However, the deportment is not ideal

    Other Country Judge

  • Good overall head, body, and tail conformation
  • Very deserving of being the grand champion
  • But I (personally) favoured another buffalo head as grand champion

    Next, we have the Oranda category - First (left), Second, Third prize winners. To be honest, I struggled very hard in this category. Base on majority voting, I lost my fight for my (personal) preferred fish. Having said that, I have to add a point that the final winners here have more than sufficient worth for their respective titles.


    Judges’ comments on the First Prize Oranda


    Singapore Judge (1)

  • Big balance body mass
  • Good curve
  • Erected fins

    Other Country Judge

  • Nice fish
  • Good size
  • Head growth could have been better, but still a very good oranda considering the stiff competition

    In this Ryukin category, the entries were either mid tail or long tail ryukin. Contrary to Singapore liking, the short tail ryukin are not popular in Thailand. Below are the First (left), Second, Third prize winners.


    Judges’ comments on the First Prize Ryukin


    Singapore Judge (1)

  • Nice small head
  • Outstanding erected fins without any fold

    Singapore Judge (2)

  • It is hard to find a long tail ryukin able to hold up its tail
  • The tail spread beautifully and flow gracefully in the water

    Below are the First (left), Second, Third prize winners for the Lionchu. This is a new category created by the Thai in the recent years. Some competitions back in Singapore also held such category in their competition.


    Judges’ comments on the First Prize Lionchu


    Singapore Judge (2)

  • Very good colour contrast
  • Nice full red fins
  • Smooth curve
  • Head growth can be improve further
  • Deportment not so good

    Other Country Judge

  • Very well formed head and body shape
  • Strong colour
  • Didn’t swim or hover very well because it had a tendency to be “head down”

    The final category winners, Open category - First (left), Second, Third prize. Back in Singapore Pearl scale and Dragon eye have individual category by itself, so naturally, I tend to look forward to the winner in this category to be either the dragon eye or the pearl scale. Unfortunately the Dragon eye entries are not so impressive, failing to make it to the top three positions.


    Judges’ comments on the First Prize Open


    Singapore Judge (1)

  • Unique dorsal and caudal fins
  • Balance bubbles
  • Unique head growth
  • Very unique fish

    Other Country Judge

  • Very nice bubble eye with excellent bubble shape
  • It was not my first choice as far as being “unusual”

    Fynnmood strongly encourages hobbyists to join in any competition event in one way or another, whether as a competitor, organizer, supporting staff or even a regular spectator. The reason is very simple, the more one exposes him or herself to a quality fish in a competition, the quicker one learns about goldfish appreciation.


    Often hobbyists feel that they have the best fish in their tank, and only when the fish is placed side by side with other competition fish, one can truly see the difference and spot some of the important features that were not obvious to an untrained eye.


    Competition is not about showing off the fish, but more of a gathering, sharing and celebrating the beauty of each individual goldfish. Lastly and more importantly it builds up the joy and fun of fish keeping!



    President, Fynnmood


    P.S. The following photos are some of the remaining entries in the competition... ...













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