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Fynnmood 2008 – Goldfish Evaluation


DreamFish specializes in breeding, growing and supplying their very own home grown captive-bred Dragon Fish - Merlion Arowana. These Merlion Arowana were selected and bred for their vibrant colours, large fins, broad bodies and large bone structures. The farm Dragon Fish (Arowana) are namely the pure Red, pure High Back Golden and pure Crossback Golden.

Singapore is the first country to breed Asian Arowana in captivity. DreamFish vision to develop a particular strain uniquely from Singapore is truly admirable. As Singaporeans regardless whether a pets’ hobbyist or not, one should be proud to celebrate individual success on National level.

DreamFish believes one must learn to respect and appreciate the other and also will endeavour to bring the art of appreciating fish to the highest level. Fynnmood Goldfish Club shares the same sentiments.

Besides having these common views, DreamFish management shares another common interest as the Club, needless to say, it is GOLDFISH.

(Hmmm… … perhaps I can exchange my home goldfish collection for his high prized Merlion Arowana!!!!.......hahaha) In fact, due to personal passion in goldfish keeping, DreamFish management was once actively involved in promoting goldfish keeping. At one point of time, they even supported and sponsored a local goldfish competition.

Knowing Fynnmood through the website article, DreamFish enquired for recommendation from the Club regarding professional breeders in Thailand that have good quality goldfish.

It was a pleasant conversation with DreamFish management. In between, the Club provided some of the Thai breeders' contacts.

With the necessary arrangement, DreamFish brought in a batch of side-view ranchu and oranda. The size of the fish is about 3.5 to 4inch.

Out of kind gesture of appreciation, DreamFish has invited Fynnmood Club members to view the arrival of the fish and at the same time, offered a bag of ranchu and a bag of oranda to Fynnmood Club members at a special price.

Below are some of the arrival and unpacking photo. With the help of the Club vice president, CKTan, (one in long sleeve shirt) we opened the randomly selected box. Cannot wait till the fish to be released into the tub, I excitedly lifted the bag to have a close examine on the quality of the fish.

I’m not sure how others feel, as for me, one of the greater enjoyments when come to goldfish keeping is to view boxes and boxes of quality goldfish. The anticipation of the arrival, the quality and how the conditions of the fish are is all so exciting to me.

Adopting the standard procedure we floated the bags of fish in the tub to regulate the temperature, followed by partial mixing the tub water into the bags of fish, before finally releasing them in the tub.

When come to goldfish appreciate, one of the three most basic requirements is ROBUSTNESS. Robustness is a property of being strong and healthy in fundamental principle. Goldfish that exhibits such characteristic of being strong enough to withstand different environment and water condition are very desirable.

A healthy goldfish (also free from parasite) will fight against bacteria. This is an important factor (especially to beginner) that some time tend to overlooked when come to purchasing a goldfish. Most buyers are generally satisfied when choosing a particular goldfish, as long as it has an alert (or standing) dorsal fin, and swimming actively in the tank. Most of us probably accepted and term such fish as a healthy fish.

But I would like to stretch this term ‘healthy goldfish’ to the next level. To me, a healthy fish includes of how the fish have been taken care at their earlier stage by the breeder (farmer) before reaching our local fish shops/farms. During the juvenile stage, proper care taking is essential as it will affect the future development (growth) of the goldfish into its adulthood. Sometimes, fish from reputable farm might cost slightly higher, however it would be a better investment when come to purchasing a good fish.

A healthy goldfish will have a high level of tolerance for ‘not-so-good’ water condition. This will allow time for beginner to improve their care keeping skills without having to worry too much about the fish getting sick.

A healthy goldfish also mean that it is readily to grow and develop its potential to the fullest. Hobbyists that purchase such fish can happily enjoy the beauty of the fish instead of having to play doctor and spend most of the time nursing a weak fish.

And I must say, I’m very please with this particular batch of fish. Base on my experience, after taking a flight, most fish would reach the destination in a fatigued condition. But this is not the case for this batch of fish. They swim and remain active throughout the time when we were there.

Aside from being lively, they have grown to a reasonable good size, considering them as a four months old fish claimed by the breeder. However, in my opinion, some are older than four months.

Upon the fish released, members went into silence mood, quietly spotting those particular fish that captivate their attention (base on their individual liking). One at a time, these fish were then placed into the glass tank for further observing.

From the above photos, the oranda have good body form and nice tail spread, while the ranchu have smooth and strong back curve. In my opinion, the ranchu also have achieved good standard buffalo head growth. Some also come in nice colour pattern, which probably be snapped up much faster than the rest.

This batch of fish is mainly from a Thai farm call Weerapong.

To read more about Weerapong farm, do stay tune on the coming launch of Fynnmood E-book: GOLDFISH APPRECIATION

I hope this so-call partially importing from Fynnmood Club has somehow given the members an insight of goldfish importing experience first hand and enjoyed the discount benefit from DreamFish’s goodwill.

With that said, I will leave you with more of the fish imported from Weerapong farm.

Happy viewing,
steven TONG



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