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How time has passed and we have come to another new session of ranchu breeding. This year, there were a couple of breeders the club initially considered to bring in, like Ito-san, Takutaka-san, Kawai-san, Oishi-san, Kato-san, etc.

However, I personally always like Kashino-san bloodline, and on top of that, I heard Kashion-san was top 5 in the Tosai category during 2007 All Japan Ranchu Show, with that, I couldn’t help it but only have Kashino-san ranchu on mind for this year 2008 importing. I hope the hobbyists would share the same sentiment.

Very unfortunate for me, that I was not in town during this importing. (Though, I had my fair share of joy, I was in Thailand attending the Princess Cup event. Do read about it on another article). This Kashino’s importing was handled by Fynnmood Club, (operating) vice president, CK Tan.

CK Tan, was an old friend of me, knowing him over 20 years ago. I still remember how he used to talk to me about his fish keeping hobby started since his primary school days. He has kept arowana, betta, marine fish, discus and of course goldfish. He has good experience in discus keeping which required a lot of attention in maintaining good water parameter. For the passed 8 years, he has concentrated on Japanese ranchu.

The following articles were written by CK Tan. On the behalf of my vice president, I hope you enjoy the coverage on Kashino Import 2008.

Steven TONG


KASHINO’S Ranchu Importing - 2008

再度、クラブはKashinoサンが50bbrsを取っておいた名誉、今年のFynnmoodの金魚クラブへの2008年のranchuの繁殖の季節の黒い赤ん坊のranchu (Kurokos)である。  Kashinoサンの親切な意思はシンガポールで保つranchuを促進するためにFynnmoodの金魚クラブを支えることである。 従って、この50bbrsFynnmoodの金魚クラブフォーラムのメンバーと同様、Fynnmoodの金魚の会員に販売されるか、または配られるために意味される。

私達感謝、幸運個人的えるKashinoサンがあるために一突きによって私達、日本農場からシンガポールFynnmood金魚クラブに現実的価格でクラブにranchu直接送った  代わりに、Fynnmoodの金魚クラブたくわえ現実的な率のranchuの原価(を含む輸入および輸出税、雑多な料金及び送金は、等満たす)、シンガポールで保つこのranchuを促進する元の目的を敗北させるため。

自身にKashinoサンの個人的に指定ranchuの部分は多くの道楽者に大きい喜びおよび名誉を持って来る。 そしてFynnmood金魚クラブはシンガポールの道楽者にこの特別ってることできるにもう一度非常自慢している

Once again, the Club is honour that Kashino-san had set aside 50 bbrs, black baby ranchu (Kurokos) for this year 2008 ranchu’s breeding season to Fynnmood Goldfish Club. Kashino-san’s kind intention is to support Fynnmood Goldfish Club to promote ranchu keeping in Singapore. Thus, these 50 bbrs are meant to be sold/distributed to Fynnmood Goldfish Club members as well as Fynnmood Goldfish Club forum members.

We are grateful and fortunate to have Kashino-san to support us by personally hand pick and sent the Club his baby ranchu directly from his farm in Japan to Singapore-Fynnmood Goldfish Club at a price affordable. In return, Fynnmood Goldfish Club keep the cost price (including all the import and export tax, miscellaneous fees & remittance charges, etc) of ranchu at affordable rate, in order not to defeat the original purpose of promoting this ranchu keeping in Singapore.

To own a piece of Kashino-san personally selected ranchu bring great joys and honour to many hobbyists. And Fynnmood Goldfish Club is very proud once again to able to bring this special moment to Singapore hobbyists.

Color Baby Ranchu (CBR)

The arrival of bbr or should I say cbr, colour baby ranchu (By the time the bbr arrived, they have turned to colour fish), it is a pleasant surprise for us. As cbr is generally more expensive than bbr and there isn’t any increase in the price, this is really kind of Kashino-san for his display of generosity. Thank you very much.


For this year’s importing, to show more transparency in Fynnmood’s importing. We have decided to take a bolder step forward despite of some uncertainties that we may have to face that arise from our decision. We have decided to ask one of the forum members to collect the boxes of baby ranchu from the importer who collect straight from cargo clearance and the boxes are to be opened in the presence of all buyers to ensure a fair distribution of the ranchu. Below are the photos of boxes of ranchu opened personally by the members/buyers.

By doing so, the hobbyists (buyers) have to stay up late into the night (way passed midnight) for the collection. May I say, it is an experience that these hobbyists had to sacrifice their ‘beauty sleep’ and eventually by the time the ranchu were properly distributed, it was already in the early morning of the following day.

Another issue that we need to risk is that the less experience hobbyist may have difficulties in cooping with stress (just arrived) ranchu which might cause casualties. All previous shipments, the ranchu were quarantined by the club before releasing out. Although, this time the hobbyists took back the fish directly without quarantining the fish, members exchanged pointers and experiences to ensure certain steps are taken to avoid further stress on the new arrived ranchu.

In any case, the club would be glad to quarantine the chosen baby ranchu to safeguard the member’s interest if such attention is needed. Kashino-san’s ranchu are indeed properly quarantine and extremely healthy.

Just to share a bit of information regarding the handling of arrival of new fish… … Precaution measures have to be taken for example prepare aging water, temperature control (to slowly introducing the fish into the new environment) and most importantly do not further stress the newly arrival fish by ‘stirring’ them through selection.

From the photos above you can see that basically there are three sizes imported. From the smallest size about 1 and half inch, mid size about 2 inch plus to the biggest size nearly 3 inch. Some have total colour changed, some intermediate, still changing, while others are still black baby.

As usual, the airfare’s invoices and clearance document with Kashino-san’s signature, boxes with stamps’ chopped and stickers that indicated source of origin is from Japan were shown to all to prove that the shipment is direct from Kashino-san to Fynnmood Goldfish Club. Despite the extensive effort the Club had to put in, the Club is glad to have made such bold decision and display of complete transparency.

Distribution Method

For this time round, the distribution method adapted is based on "lucky draw selection method". As the minimum quantity purchase is 5 bbrs and the total bbrs were 50 bbrs for this shipment. Each buyer of 5 bbrs is entitled to this lucky draw by picking a paper; from a pool of 10 folded papers labelled 1 to 10. This number will indicate the position the buyer choose from the tub. That is if you bought 15 bbrs, you are entitled to pick 3 "papers" out of the 10 papers. This procedure is repeated 5 times until all the hobbyists’ (buyers’) names are tagged to all the 50 bbrs.

This method is purely based on ‘luck’ to get the placing position for selecting the ranchu. And when one’s turn come, it will all boil down to individual selecting skill to choose the ranchu of his or her preference.

Whatever distribution method is applied the objective is to ensure each buyers will get one ranchu within the first 10 position and subsequently next top 20 position and onwards. At end of the day, every buyer have different taste/preference even though one might not be in First position to select, one may still end up getting a chance to select his or her “first” ranchu, all buyers agreeable to this distribution method.

In short, the Club doesn’t matters whichever method of distributing as long as the majority agree to that certain distribution method and feel that it is fair and equal chance of bringing home their very own preferred Kashino ranchu.

To the club it is a great feeling to share the joy of goldfish keeping and also able to (get) distribute fish to the hobbyists from different sources. These enjoyments don’t only start from the excitement of selection, but also from the beginning upon receiving the boxes, opening the boxes to revealing all the fish that long anticipation.

Such importing only comes in some quantity and likely only once a year. This is to promote different varieties of goldfish keeping. There are many good quality ranchu from many other top breeders that are available in local fish shop. Do visit them, some of these shops are Dream Koi (Seletar West Farmway 1) and Covenant Goldfish Sanctuary (Simon Road)

Enclosed below are some of the ranchu photos. From the photos, one can notice the different type of body form, some have longer body length (profile) while other have a shorter body length. One of the most impressive trade-mark of Kashino’s ranchu is the tail disc, it is large. This is a very important feature of a good ranchu. With a strong, large disc, means that the fish can control its tail while swimming and it is able to hold the tail spread beautifully.

As due to time factors and not to stress the ranchu, we are not able to take shots of close-up ranchu when arrives (not to mention the bad lighting in the middle of the night). It is a kind gesture of these members/buyers to take some pictures of their newly own Kashino ranchu and forward to me for sharing, thank you guys!!! Below are some of the ranchu photos contributed by them.

Once again THANK YOU Kashino-san for your kind support.

Written by: CK Tan

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