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There are many clubs of thought that influence how hobbyists breed, raise, and care for Ranchu in Japan. The following information is based primarily on my personal conversations with a group of breeders I met in Osaka and Tokyo.

Japanese Ranchu

The Ranchu is a descendant of the original dorsal-less, twin-tailed goldfish variety which was developed in China. The variety was first imported to Japan in the early 1600s. This short-bodied fish lacked headgrowth and was called Maruko, or literally "Korean Goldfish" which implies it was brought to Japan through Korea.

By the early 1800s, Japanese had started to selectively breed for those developed small amounts of headgrowth characteristics. The first Ranchu show was held in the town of Osaka in 1831.

Into the 1900s, breeders began to produce fish with the strongly curved backs for which they are known today.

Visited the house of one of the popular breeder in Japan. He was kind to show me some of his collection.

In Japan this is call the Osaka ranchu, however, I learned in Singapore many called it the Uno ranchu. Basically this ranchu are small in size, the hobbyist do NOT encourage the fish to grow more than 5 inches.
For a the tub size, for standard ranchu, we can only keep 2 to 3 while for Osaka ranchu we can keep 6 to 7 pieces. This is very suitable for Singapore, which we are so shortage of land. Their unique points is that they have solid red fins!
Visited Japanese big fish shop, getting the fish to be exported.
Pic Tosakin, nankin, jikin Other famous Japanese goldfish, Jikin, Nankin and Tosakin.
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