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Girls’ Power!

For hobbyists that visit fish forum regularly, probably you would have heard of AG Home a couple of years back. As for new hobbyists, do allow me to share with you about AG Home. To be honest, I too know nothing about AG Home. I only get to know about them 3 months back.

The girls are back!

AG Home is a place where the founders (Mr. Andrew and Grace Choo) set to love and reach out to the troubled youths, providing a temporary place for one to restore, renew and revive. AG Home started off by offering home-stay to shelter and care for the teenage girls. Today AG Home is a full fledged residential Home catering to 60 girls from teens to young adults.

“I joined the percussion team since last year and music has really guided me through mnay obstalces. I heave learnt to put my furstations and anger onto the drums. I really enjoy every piece of rhythm I play. Playing perscussion has become part of my life and I believe I can be a successful percussionalist one day. Every piece of music I play, I put in my heart an soul. I have never realised my potential in playing percussion unit I came to AG Home.” – Tiffany, 17

AGHome focus on:

(1) Characters Development
(2) Physical Education & Sports
(3) Academic Developments & Education
(4) Skills Development & Training Programmes

Understanding that AG Home encourages the girls to participate in life science projects, example caring for pets/fish or do gardening, this is where Fynnmood Goldfish Club comes in. As much as I wish to claim that the club initiated this benevolent step to help, in actual fact, the girls were the one that approached the club. Nevertheless, the club is more than happy, flatter and honour to able to provide information and (may I say) some guidance to goldfish keeping. I hope through goldfish keeping, the girls get to learn more about life science, appreciating the beauty of goldfish in the form of art and also able to find internal peace from the exhibiting nature of goldfish that is gentle, calm and friendly. It is appealing and relaxing to sometime just sit and watch how the fish glide effortlessly in the water, like a flower petal that dances in the autumn wind.

“Druing my 3 years stay in AG Home, I was taught to be responsible, to make the right choice in life, and most importantly learn from my mistake and not to repeat it. With the help of AG Home, I was able to realise my dream of being a graphic desiger through a sponsorship by National Youth Council to study in LaSalle.” – June Tan

Perhaps, some day, one of these girls would become an international goldfish expert where she will travel around the world to share the knowledge of Asia oldest ornamental fish – GOLDFISH.

(1) The entrance of AG Home
(2) Top view ranchu tubs set up (moor and oranda can be found in the tub)
(3) Two glass tanks sitting on the tub (their proud oranda)
(4) Canteen counter with tank
(5) More tanks at the canteen area (pearl scale and ranchu)
(6) Tub for doctor fish and arowana
(7) The girls called themselves AG Aquatic Studies Group
(Whiteboard listing their fish projects)
(8) & (9) More tubs at every corner of the Home
Around 4 years ago, there was the first fish-keeping group that focused on discus, goldfish (only oranda) and arowana. Currently, this newly formed group of girls have expanded their area of interest for goldfish, instead of just oranda, they have also show interest in ranchu (both top and side view) and pearl scale.

Their collection includes black oranda, small red-white oranda, side view ranchu, top view ranchu, calico ranchu, pearl scale and a couple of dragon eye (moor).

Without further introduction, let’s meet our young, lovely and talented ladies:

SeJia, 17

* She got into goldfish hobby through the influence of her friends
* Just started the hobby for 5 months
* She does not have previous experience
* Currently focusing on care-taking of one particular ranchu

ShaHui, 15

* She has interest in fish keeping all along
* For goldfish, she too started about 5 months ago
* She likes oranda and ranchu (top view)
* She also keep arowana and doctor fish

HuiWen, 16

* She is into goldfish-keeping
* Picked up this hobby again about 5 months ago
* She like side view ranchu
* She does have a bit of past experiences

Shermaine, 18

* She recalled how she first got attracted to goldfish is when she went marketing with her parent
* Picked up this hobby again about 5 months ago
* Her collection 5 top-view ranchu and 2 side view ranchu
* She keep a pair of discu

Shi Yun, 16

* She got into goldfish hobby through the influence of her friends
* Also started about 5 months ago
* She recently spent $80 on a top-view ranchu, bought from Seletar
* She does have a bit of past experiences

These are their top view ranchu collection. Although these ranchu tails tend to be collapsing, in term of general grooming, these fish are well taken care. The Club will share some top view ranchu keeping knowledge with the girls and hopeful they can improve in some of the weaker aspect.

After the interview, I had a chat with them, I asked (smilingly):

“It seems like that there are a lot of influencing among one another, however, I’m curious to know who has the biggest influential power?”

The girls broke into laughters and one of them squalled:

“Andrew lor… … who else?!”

Mr. Andrew Choo, the founder of AG Home, of course, we understand his intention of getting the girls into healthy hobby. This is just one of the many projects Andrew has provides for the girls in the Home.

Then I went on and asked:

“What do they personally think or should I say ‘thought’ of this goldfish hobby?”

Without warning, these energetic girls blasted into their hilarious mode again and one of them replied:

“We thought goldfish hobby is for old men!”

Another added:

“For people that is nothing to do!”

They are really such a lovely bunch of high-intelligence young ladies. I can never guess what is their answer. They tend to have this innocent ‘no-hold-bar’ way of sharing their thought. Chating with them bring a manifestation of joy or mirth.

Addicted to their sense of humor, I carried on my question:

“So are you guys intending to expand your goldfish committee?”

Suddenly, as fast as the cheeta, they went into silence and after a few seconds of serious thought, they replied:

“Hobby would be really fun to shared with friends that we can get along and naturally, it wouldn’t be that fun, if we don’t share common thoughts, right?”

A question was threw back to me and caught me dumbfounded. I couldn’t utter a word, beside pathetically nodding my head. Their serious and mature side have impressed me deeply. More than double their age, I feel that there are so much more that I can learn from them too.

It was a nice session. We talked about goldfish appreciation, a bit on filtration system, get to know one another, get to know about AG Home better, etc.

Special thanks to Tetra for sponsoring Goldfish food for the Home.

Well, their mutli-talent for sure is not restricted to goldfish alone, they have other life science project like… …

Hydroponincs. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solution instead of the traditional medium, soil. Hydroponics is also a standard technique in biology research and teaching and a popular hobby.

I forgot to take some of the hydroponincs photo, however these are some of the other kind of fish that the girls are keeping. Ranging from discus, betta to arowana and also different kind of doctor fish. Well, you can bring your wife or your husband or friends down for a fish-spa at a minimum cost in the Home.

Finally, if you do happen to have a tank of beautiful goldfish and for some reasons, that you want to give up, you might consider donating those fish to AG Home. Do feel free to contact Fynnmood Club, if one does have such intention.

Girls’ power forever!!

Steven TONG

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