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The First Singapore Goldfish Festival took place at The Serangoon from 21st to 23rd Sept 2007.

Graced by the Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, the event was jointly organised by The Serangoon CCMC and Fynnmood Goldfish Club to promote family bonding through goldfish appreciation.


The three-day family event saw a steady crowd, with activities such as the childrens drawing competition for the budding young artists to capture their goldfish impressions on print, and a goldfish competition held for the serious hobbyists.


For the competition, judges from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia were flown in to judge the 17 categories of Top View and Side View goldfishes from the 314 entries received.


Judging for the Top View competition followed the strict standards of the All Japan Ranchu Show - an international benchmark for goldfish competition held annually in Japan and hosted among the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in rotation.


The judges are well respected in Thailand.

- Mr. Jatupon Suntornwat

- Mr. Suthichai Athabodeekul

Respectively, they are student of famous Japanese Ranchu Master Kashino-san and Oishi-san

The Grand Champion for Side View Goldfish is Mr Kelvin Lim Kok Boon(left) and Mr Daryl Wee(right), Grand Champion for Top View Goldfish.


Goldfishes from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand were brought into the event to display the best. One of the winners had previously won The Princess Cup title in Thailand this year. The event also featured goldfishes from the most common, like the comet, a single-tailed goldfish, to unique ones, like the Pompom with its fleshy appendage (at the nostril) which often comes in a pair. For this festival, a goldfish with four appendages could be spotted. Another unique goldfish, the Bubble Eye Goldfish, has a pair of upward pointing eyes with a large sac of fluid hanging below it. One particular Bubble Eye Goldfish has small sac all over the head!


Imported Japanese and Chinese goldfish figurines were also brought in for display, together with art work done by local artists and talks on fish keeping and goldfish history.


More information of the prize winning fish, kindly refers to another article in Fynnmood Front Page.

Special Note

Fynnmood Club would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to many hobbyists that have supported the event and join in the joy and fun of fish keeping.

Many new hobbyists have sent in the fish for competition despite the fact that they know they are not going to win. They display great sportsmanship. The Club Thank you.

Nothing less, many old-timers that usually shy away from such event also decided to enter their fish to support Fynnmood. The Club Thank you.

The competition entries consists a good mix of new hobbyists to experience hobbyists; shy hobbyists to commercial big timer. For a moment, the Club were concern about the prize being domain by the commercial, to our surprise, the prize winners were well spread among the entries from different walks!

Last but not least, Fynnmood hopes to continue to receive your graceful support for the next and subsequent events. Thank you.

Introduction Note for beginners...

Goldfish has enchanted mankind for over a thousand years. The beauty of the Goldfish, with its exceptional form, colouring, movement, and charm, has won its devotion of connoisseurs as an object of aesthetic appreciation. Their variety of shapes and colours and their graceful movement through the water make them living works of art, and their tameness makes them enjoyable pets. Today the passion for Goldfish collecting is greater than ever, and all over the world the fraternity of collectors grows day by day.

The Chinese, and later the Japanese, have developed the small Asian carp species (cousin of koi), with its tremendous variety of beautiful shapes and colours.


Generally goldfish are admired in two ways; Top View, where the fish is appreciated from a pond or a tub and Side View, where the fish is kept and viewed from the glass tank.


The top view Ranchu is the King of Goldfish in Japan and is one of the most popular goldfish breeds in Asia.

An interesting feature of these competitions is the use of sumo wrestling terms in the rankings of the competing fishes. For example, the top-ranked fish in each class is given the title of East Ozeki.


One of the most important aspects that the judges will look out for, is the way the fish swims. The Grand champions must swim gracefully in the water, and this often is being compared to a model wearing a traditional Japanese kimono walking down a runway.

While the Japanese considers the Ranchu as the King of Goldfish, many goldfish enthusiasts in China would consider the Dragon Eye Butterfly (top view) as China national fish. A Dragon Eye Butterfly has a graceful butterfly-shaped tail that never fails to enchant the hobbyists from the first sight.


The varieties of goldfish list goes on and on.. sharing and appreciating goldfish keeping is the main objective of Fynnmood Goldfish Club. So feel free to drop us a note or join in the Fynnmood Forum for more discussion.

Thank you,

Fynnmood President

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