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Artist Emily Por

A former interior designer with over 20 years of experience in the field, Emily Por started her art training in Japan in the 1980s, under the tutelage of Junichi Kurosawa. She left her career in 2003 to pursue her passion for oil painting full time and had studied in Stamford Art School, Singapore. Emily works primarily with oil as a medium and her works mainly focus upon themes or subjects inspired by nature, music and emotions from the heart. Some reflect the rich and joyful hues and textures while others evoke more transcendent concepts of tranquility and optimism she feels about life. She sees painting and life as one, and believes strongly that Life is but a canvas to your imagination..

Her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in America, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.


Member of Singapore Art Society

Art House- Singapore Lifestyle Designers & Artists

Group & Invitational Exhibitions


57th SAS Annual Art Exhibition

British Club, Singapore

Trinity Christian Centre - CCSS Charity

Bone Marrow Donor Charity at Chijmes


Asia Regional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Art Exhibition

Cinnabar Design Fair

1st Solo Exhibition Trees - Arts House at old parliament house, Singapore

Singapore American School County Fair


56th SAS Annual Art Exhibition

55th SAS Annual Art Exhibition - Fast Forward to the Future


Choo Kai Art Circle Art Exhibition

International Womens Art Exhibition (Singapore)- Burst of Artistic Blooms

Japan, Singapore Art Exchange G.A.M. Art Exhibition

Nature Inspiration - Home Studio Exhibition


Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards 2007-Outstanding Work (Western Art - Abstract)

Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards 2006 - Outstanding Work (Representational & Abstract)

Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards 2005 - Outstanding Work (Western Arts - Representational)

Despite, her busy schedule, recently Emily has taken her time to work on some goldfish painting to exhibit in Singapore First Goldfish Festival organised by Fynnmood. Her support is deeply appreciated.

To learn more about Emilys works, kindly refers to www.emilypor.com

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