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Venue : Millenia Walk

Date : 24th to 27th Janauary 2008

Competition size: 188 tanks

Goldfish has always regarded as an auspicious pet in the Chinese culture. In order to bring this auspicious symbol to the people, the club shall be holding its first 'City' Competition coming Chinese New Year period to garner the festive mood and bring up the vibrancy of the festival.

Fynnmood Goldfish Club would like to invite all hobbyists to join this joyful festival. To bring more well wishing and fortune to the hobbyists, the targeted entry is between 128 to 188 tanks of goldfish.


There will not be any classification of the varieties of Goldfish in this competition. All varieties of Goldfish and its different sizes will be competing together.


For this Chinese New Year competition, there will be 12 trophies name after the 12 Zodiac.

Total of Goldfish Trophies:

12 Trophies + 1 Cup (Grand Champion) + 5 Consolation Prize = 18

This year the prizes will be title in the order of the zodiac

  • First Prize is RAT Award
  • Second Prize is OX Award
  • Third Prize is TIGER Award
  • Fourth Prize is RABBIT Award
  • Fifth Prize is DRAGON Award
  • Sixth Prize is SNAKE Award
  • Seventh Prize is HORSE Award
  • Eighth Prize is GOAT Award
  • Ninth Prize is MONKEY Award
  • Tenth Prize is ROOSTER Award
  • Eleventh Prize is DOG Award
  • Twelfth Prize is PIG Award

On top of this the RAT award winner will titled as the Grand Champions.

The Grand Champions would be a beautiful grand trophy. The winner name would be engraved onto the trophy. To make thing more interesting, the winner cannot take back the trophy until he wins three times in coming years!


There will be three rounds of judging ...

First Round

Three judges each will pick 8 fish from the total entries base on first impression and judges personal preferences.

Second Round

All selected 24 fish (from the three judges) will then given its respective score sheet base on the varieties of these fish to go into point system. In other words, these 24 fish will be judge base on the uniqueness of individual varieties and hence through this point system, 12 top scoring fish will be placed.

Third Round

Despite the fact that the points system in second round has already placed the ranking, top five placing will be judge again by the 3 judges (this time) together. Only upon agreement by all the judges, the top 5 places would be finalized.

In every competition there will always be area to improve, method to be corrected. Some might insist certain football match is fixed while other might say the ball is round, whatever it is, Fynnmood is willing to learn and improve on the competition standard upon holding more such event yearly. Fynnmood will do its best to ensure 'fair play' throughout the competition. More importantly, at the end of the day, Fynnmood would like to bring joy to goldfish keeping and dedicate to promote fish keeping in Singapore and hopefully also bringing regional hobbyists closer together.

Click here to download City Cup Competition 2008 Form

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