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Coverage of City CUP 2008


The City Cup (Singapore) took place at the heart of the city – Millenia Walk from 24th to 27th January 2008. The event was jointly organised by Millenia Walk Management to garner the festive mood and bring up the vibrancy of the Lunar New Year Celebration.


The City Cup is the continue effort of Fynnmood Goldfish Club (Singapore) to promote goldfish appreciation, understanding and accepting the differences between different schools of thoughts, and at the same time keep abreast with current competition standards.


The event layout was designed with five stages:
* Stage One – Trophy
It provides an introduction to the event.


* Stage Two – Competition
Spectators will be drawn into the competition ambience and also enjoy viewing all the beautiful competition fish on display.


* Stage Three
Information is available to anyone who is interested to know whereabouts for them to purchase or obtain these similar fish.


* Stage Four
An exhibit to how or what are the available filtration systems for fish keeping.


* Stage Five
For spectators who have felt in love with the beauty of the goldfish and yet reluctant to tie themselves down with the responsible of having a pet, they can have an option of bringing back a goldfish painting as a home deco.


This new idea of City Cup is to have a non-categorizing competition. All varieties of goldfish are put together to compete for the top 12 placing. Nevertheless, many hobbyists, commercials and foreigner participants have openly accepted the new approach and took part in the competition.


The competition showcased an international array of goldfish from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It is a gathering of goldfish enthusiasts and their varieties of fishes. To win the competition, one must possess knowledge on fish grooming, maintenance and a sense of appreciating the beauty of the goldfish. The winner coming in first will be crowned as the Grand Champion.


The Grand Champion with his or her name engraved on the CUP. The champion would have to win three consecutive titles to take home the CUP. The CUP has planned to travel across Asia and even USA and UK to attract the best to vie for the prestigious CITY CUP.


It is a great honour to have both Guest of honours:
Dr. Ling Kai Huat – Head Aquaculture Services Centre (AVA).
Dr. Ling is also the chief judge for the competition. Through the event, Dr. Ling has constantly providing his expertise and advice on ways to improve the event. The club has learned a lot from him. Keeping a regular water change for the competition fish is one of his many caring advice.


Mr Yap Seng Teck – President of Pet Association (Singapore)
Mr Yap has generously sponsored one of the most important factors of the event that is the City Cup Trophy. Under the big umbrella of Petas, there are many successful clubs like Singapore Discus Club, Guppy Club, Betta Club, etc. Mr. Yap has continues to play an important role of promoting pet hobby in Singapore.


The four-day event saw a steady crowd, from office professionals to tourists, leisure shoppers to goldfish hobbyists. The crowd has started as early as 9am everyday till as late as 11pm. It was tiring and yet fulfilling for Fynnmood members.


For the competition, judges from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia took approximately 9 hours to judge the total of 188 entries of goldfishes. Throughout the judging, individual judges have remained firmed and professional in their opinion when come to the ranking of the fish and yet the judges have display the wisdom of a great connoisseur - accepting, understanding, respecting and appreciating the outcome without any grievance. Fynnmood would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to the judges for their hardwork.


The Grand Champion – RAT Award goes to Mr James Png. Basically on the newspaper interview, he has actually gone down to Thailand personally to seek for this winning fish. He has spent days visiting one farm after another to final locate his champion.


Among the entries, the Club was please to see the return of Fynnmood Goldfish Festival 2007, Side View Grand Champion Mr. Kellvin Lim. Despite his unfortunate news of the death of the Grand Champion oranda, Mr. Kelvin is still able to pocket two awards home. As for local expert (pearl-scale) hobbyist, Mr. HN Lim has also managed to squeeze into the top 12 positions with his oranda and pearl-scale.


There were also other hobbyists who entered Fynnmood competition for the first time. One of these first timers actually won the Most Photogenic Awards. His calico dragon-eye has won hearts of many viewers. It would easily been the First prize winner of dragon-eye category!


Yun Feng Pte Ltd is a big winner among the commercials. They have won two of the top six prizes with their fantastic ‘blue’ oranda! Losing out in size their dragon-eye have been noted as quality specimen by the judges. Fish Haven Pte Ltd, on the other hand failed to bring back any trophy under their name. But they were happy that some of their customers managed to pick up some trophies.


In every competition, there is always a certain level of ‘dramatic soprano’ account. When there is winner, there bound to be non-winners. Rainbow Pet and Aquarium was not able to pick up any of the top 12 prizes (Got 1 consolation). But never will I doubt the possibility of them coming back into next competition with a big vengeance.


With all said, let’s enjoy the photo of 12 top winners, 2 special awards and 6 consolations. To view the complete 188 entries, kindly refers to the article “City Cup 2008, 188 Photo Gallery”








Regards as an auspicious animal, goldfish are loved by many, they are also considered as the symbols of peace, wealth, and prosperity. Being part of Fynnmood City Cup event in one way or another, the club wishes everyone a wonderful 2008 ahead.


Last but not least, Fynnmood hopes to continue to receive your graceful support for the next and subsequent events. “Thank you”.


Happy Lunar New Year!
Steven TONG, President of FYNNMOOD

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