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Best Groomed / Most Improve Fish Competition

The Club was approached by one of the long-term affirming commercial – Fish Haven for support. The objective of the Club has always been in standing side-by-side with the commercial to promote goldfish hobby. For goldfish to flourish, it is also important to promote new breed of goldfish.

With the above reasons, the Club is more than happy to provide the tanks for Fish Haven to have their very own competition, perhaps the first ever in Singapore of such competition opened to public.

Note: the Club welcome any commercials or organizations to join organize a fish promoting event with us.

These entries fish first arrival in Singapore on February. Back then the size is about 1 and half inch. Hobbyists using their own preferred way of fish keeping, and the result is put to test in this competition. After approximately 3 months, in this competition, judges are expecting to see the fish reaching 3 and half inch.

A little more detail about their event:

The competition was held on 25th May 2008
The number of entries is around 80
Entry Fee: Free
Venue: Fish Haven Shop
Judge: Two from Thailand and one from Brunei
Cash Prizes is given to top three winners.

There were two varieties in this competition

Category 1: Oranda (with Ryukin body shape)
Category 2: Ranchu (good for both top view and side view)
Photo of the 3 winners and 2 consolations for the Ranchu category:

Following are the winning points of individual winning fish and the remarks given by the judges:

First Prize winner:

· Attractive colours and pattern
· Nice smooth back curve
· (Winning factor) Good cheek growth
· (Winning factor) Perfect anal fin – identical pair and closely tuck together
This category stated that these ranchu are suppose to be good for both top view and side view, this first prize winner bear a nice top view profile too.
Nevertheless, the judges did point out that the fish ‘deportment’ (stationary) is a disappointment for this winning fish.

Second Prize winner:

· Strong centre tail bone
· Despite the body of the fish is long, the curve is very complete
· (Winning factor) In term of size development, this fish has the best improvement
The colour and the brilliancy can be improved.

Third Prize winner:

· Very nice crown growth development
· (Winning factor) Very smooth high arc back-curvature
The tail is weak and the too soft.

While viewing these photos, one must bear in mind that these fish are below 1 year old fish and their head growth are yet to be as developed as those compared to major competition events.

Since we are looking at the young developing fish, in my personal opinion, in term of good future, I would say fifth position (consolation) winner would be a wonderful fish in the near future.

Firstly, the tail is rightly position, it is also nicely tuck to the abdomen and the spread is the best among the winners. Secondly, the fish has a smooth long back curve which indicates there is room for the fish to develop into an impressive size. And thirdly, the head growth is showing sign of well development on the crown and cheeks, forming an awesome buffalo head.

Photo of the 3 winners and 2 consolations for the Oranda category:

Following are the winning points of individual winning fish.

First Prize winner:

· Well balance
· Body, head and tail are average, yet no fault to deduct much point.
· (Winning factor) Very well-build stout body, thick in body width
This category features oranda with hump, or oranda with ryukin’s body. Hence among the winners the hump is taken into consideration.

Second Prize winner:

· Well developed in size
· (Winning factor) Rarity – the head growth is unique

Third Prize winner:

· Tail well spread
· (Winning factor) Good body arc, a distinct feature of a ryukin body

The winners were ranging from beginners to experience members from different local goldfish clubs. It is a good mixed of competitors. All joining in the good heart of sportsmanship.

(For Oranda category)

Mr. Tan – First Prize winner

Ms. Joice – Second and Third Prize winner

Consolation to Mr. Lester and Mr. Liu

(For Ranchu category)

Mr. Morris Teo – First Prize winner

Mr. Leong – Third Prize winner

Mr. William Lim, winner of both Second Prize and 2nd Consolation;

And Michell Teo, winner of 1st Consolation (were not able to attend the prize giving).

I’m glad that I got a chance to speak to the Oranda First Prize winner, Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan is a retiree, over seventies. He picked up this goldfish keeping hobby recently. The winning fish is the first and only batch of goldfish he bought so far.

He recalled how he first stepped into the fish shop and not knowing what is the criteria or how to choose a ‘good’ fish, he even had the owner to select for him. However, the following day, accompanied by his lovely wife, they went back to the shop to pick one particular fish that leave them a strong impression, and that particular fish turned out to be the First Prize winning fish!

As astonished as being the First Prize winner, Mrs Tan curiously asked “how come most of their black oranda (upon purchase) turned orange?” I was choking when trying to reply her. In my mind, in front of me was an endearing couple that know almost nothing about goldfish and yet with basic logic and care taking, they were able to groom the fish so well for the passed 3 months. I’m very impressed and delighted.

Mr. Tan shared his keeping experience… …

· 8 oranda are kept in a 3 feet tank
· Daily suction of the fish’s waste and replace water
· 2 overhead filter
· Filter contain ceramic ring
· Position tank with sunlight
· No algae or green water
· Feed floating pellet (base on description, could be Hiraki – Oranda pellet)

Just to highlight to readers that Mr. Tan has zero experience in goldfish keeping, yet he is able to come in first in this grooming competition. To me, this is a wonderful, successful story and achievement in goldfish keeping. This also serves as an encouragement to hobbyists that doubt their abilities to compete and win or simply doubt about their abilities to maintain a goldfish. This case has proven that it does not need ‘rocket science’, as long as one apply a reasonable method and time in care taking, one can groom a goldfish successfully without much difficulties.

Aside from the basic needs and understanding of fish keeping, it is good for one to train or sharpen his/her eyes when come to purchasing or selecting a fish. The following are some nice fish showcased during the event.

It was a very meaningful event, beside the competition, judges sat down together with hobbyists to talk about the winning points of each individual fish. The judge (NK himself) also shared some of his proud collection back in his farm.

Questions were raised regarding how are the experience hobbyists kept their fish back in Thailand:

· In Thailand breeders don’t really care much about the pH parameter
· However, they do add a small amount of salt for normal keeping
· Practice 30% water change daily
· Ideal tank size 3 feet by 3 feet – can keep approximately 10 fish
· Important point – Need sunlight
· Need good space for grooming large goldfish
· For ranchu below 3 inch, the water depth should not be more than 15 cm
· For ranchu above 3 inch, the water depth should be around 40 cm
· Round shape tank are good for developing body mass

Hope you enjoy the coverage of this event, signing off and leaving you with some of the other entries photos… …

Pleasant viewing,
Steven Tong

Co-Sponsor: Tetra
Supporter: Fynnmood Goldfish Club

RANCHU Entries

Among the non-winning Oranda, I’m particular like this fish (see below).

This fish has its weakness, the body size is slightly too small for its well developed head growth, and there is also a slight defect on the dorsal fin bone. But overall, in my personal opinion, it is a very attractive fish. I, especially like its deportment. It holds itself well no matter at stationary or swimming. Perhaps it has reached its full potential, perhaps not, its development would be interesting. I hope and look forward to see it in other coming competition soon.

ORANDA Entries

Since this competition is about 'best groomed' or 'most improved', let's have a quick flashback on these fish, 3 months ago, when they arrrived in Singapore, they were only about 1 and the half inch big. Another way of appreciating goldfish keeping is to pick up these potential fish from a shop/farm and groom them. Seeing them develop and improve is a pretty amazing experience. Especially, when compared to the first day the fish was brought home. It gives a sense of achievement as a care taker.

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