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Fynnmood Exploration - Thailand - BAN PONG Farm & Chatuchak


When it all begins... ...Fynnmood Goldfish Club decided to start off with the focus on the Japanese ranchu. With a lot of help from the Japanese famous breeders, the Club managed to bring in black baby ranchu from different breeders to the local hobbyists. By chance, the Club shifted attention to Thailand goldfish in Bangkok (see previous Fynnmood article), nonetheless, the Club would hope to make a visit to Japan soon to cover the rest of the varieties goldfish found in Japan.


With the strike of lady’s luck, 2007 has been a fantasy year for Fynnmood especially when come to Thai goldfish. After the exploration to Bangkok farms, the Club got another opportunity to visit the Banpong farms.


Thai government has always been very supportive towards farmers and breeders to expand their interest in this fish industrial and Banpong is one area that this specially allocated for tropical ornamental fish farming. Due to the large numbers of farms and breeders, the Thai breeders and farmers are constantly enhancing their skill to outshine one another, this result a raise in goldfish standard in Thailand. After having said that, the farmers and breeders are however remain strongly connected in one way or the other. Hence it is more complex to identify the group clearly. Putting it in the simplest way, one can subdivide into three groups of goldfish farms and breeders in Thailand:


  • 1 From Bangkok
  • 2 From Ban pong (NK group)
  • 3 From Ban pong (individual small groups)
  • (Note: For above information is base purely on Fynnmood observations. Fynnmood strongly encourage experience hobbyist in this area to share and edit the posting articles.)


    Not in visiting order, this article would highlight a couple of farms that stand up among the rest of the farms. This particular breeder’s ranchu has very good head growth. The back curve is nice and smooth too as you can see from these photos. What impressed me was his baby side-view ranchu. Some of these ranchu have such a thick peduncle and well spread tail that it can easily pass off as top-view tosai class, ranchu, especially for leisure hobbyists. These small ranchu also having attractive pattern as a plus point, I almost bought the whole tank back myself.


    Another thing that catches our eyes from this farm is the oranda. From the top-view it has a strong and stout body. On the side-view, it has an interesting round, disc-like shape. Perhaps this new shape needs time for some hobbyists to get used to it. In many way, goldfish hobby is like fashion clothing, some trend will take off in storm, while others are disregard. Personally, I find this new shape oranda give an impression of a fullness just like the ryukin variety.


    Going to Banpong without visiting NK farm is like visiting Beijing without seeing the Great Wall. NK farm did live up to its name. Despite the fact that I requested a random net up of ranchu from different ponds, the qualities of these netted fish remain reasonably consistent across the farm.


    Just before we arrived in NK farm, the Indonesian goldfish experts were there too. Out of curiosity, I went to take a look on those fish that that the Indonesians have selected. Soon the rest of the goldfish judges joined in to learn and study why those fish are chosen. It was a very educating impromptu goldfish serious discussion session amongst the judges.


    I would like to highlight this particular photo (below), it illustrated two beautiful and yet very different back curve of the ranchu. Both curves are smooth, but the roll off angle is very unlike of each other. So which do you prefer?


    Our visit to Banpong actually collated with Banpong celebrating their 111th Anniversary and the NK owner was in the mist of preparing their selection of ranchu for their beloved Thai King. The photos below show a tank of selected ranchu that were meant for the King, but failed to make it for the final cut. Those final selections were already packed in the bag.


    Another farm that we visited was specialized in famous Blackie – Thai Black Ranchu. That brought back a lot of memory of the other famous black ranchu farm in the heart of Bangkok that Fynnmoood visited on the last trip. Surprisingly, the way this farm and that farm practice fish keeping are VERY different. Yet they were able to reach the same standard. This tells a lot, basically there is more than one way to achieve successful goldfish keeping. Every one just has to take time to find the way that suits him or her most.



    I was overwhelmed with the endless number of ranchu in Banpong farms, it was a nice breeze of fresh air to have a farm that showcase other varieties of goldfish beside ranchu. The farm has nice black dragon eye which is commonly known as moor. There were bubble eyes, pearl scale, oranda, ryukin, etc. One interesting thing that this farm practice which is not regularly sees in other farm is that they have a huge mud pond. If you can stand patiently enough, one would catch grimes of giant oranda splashing on the surface.


    For hobbyists that made it to Thailand (which is very common) might find Banpong farms not open to public, the other option is to visit the weekend market in Bangkok – Chatuchak. Familiar to many, Chatuchak is a huge market that sell all kind of stuff from kitchen wares to fashion clothing, from art deco to pets.


    Of course, for us, we hit straight to the pet area. Don’t know whether it is me or what, the pet area that I remember 4 years ago seems bigger compared to this visit. Nevertheless, there are still lots of stuff to see.


    In Thailand ryukin with mid tail length and long tail length are well like, contrary to Singapore, the short tail ryukin is not popular in Thailand at all. Hence it is astonishingly for us to find quality short tail ryukin here! Back in Singapore, arguably Rainbow at Serangoon housed the best ryukin from China. May I say, these ryukin here are not any less inferior.


    It’s very nice to see a good mix of goldfish hobbyists in Thailand, many locals are into bubble eyes instead of the mainstream variety. Dragon-eye, panda, never fails to attract hobbyists all over the world, they look lovely, and the challenge is always in maintaining its black pattern. Beautiful calico can be found in the market too. One important requirement of a well patterned calico is to have good ‘intensive blue’ background with evenly spread fine black spot and red / orange patches.


    Once only found in Japan – Tosakin can be easily found in the market now. For hobbyists that are interested in tosakin should start off with Thai tosakin before investing into the more expensive Japanese tosakin. There is also a fair number of top-view ranchu, and its quality is pretty acceptable and the price is very affordable too.


    Finally, I have a couple of hit list too.
    * Calico Ranchu
    This is a lovely fish with very unique calico pattern. The dots are fine and evenly spread around the body yet the overall blue background still stands up. Nice head growth and smooth back curve. Unfortunately, a bit on the fat side and the tail is a let down.


    * Lionchu
    I couldn’t really find a fault in this fish, almost a perfect fish. Slight weakness in the tail spread, if the tail would spread open a little more, definitely stands a chance to win a prize in any competition.


    * Dragon Eye
    Unfortunately this photo is not sharp and it doesn’t justify the beauty of this dragon eye. The tail spread is fantastic! It has an excellent swimming posture. Dorsal and the rest of the fins are well erected, strong and yet gracefully flow like silk in the water.


    * Pearl scale
    Although the overall shape may not be as round as those at competition level, it is a faultless fish. Reasonable fin spread, definitely one fish that I would like to add into my personal collection.


    On our second last day in Banpong farms, we got to meet some of the hobbyists who had taken up the Banpong (& NK) farms tour from the posting in Fynnmood Forum. We were really glad to see the hobbyists so happy with the farm tour that each bought approximately 10 pieces of ranchu! Smiling faces across everyone.


    This is the only thing and perhaps also everything that Fynnmood hope to achieve, that is to simply find joy in goldfish keeping for all hobbyists. If you have not started, what are you waiting for? ... ... Welcome to the world of goldfish keeping!


    Thank you,

    Fynnmood President

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