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Launching of Fynnmood Goldfish Club – Goldfish Art

Mr Victor Ng, official artist for Fynnmood Goldfish art is launching the First series of his goldfish artwork.

He has been painting since the age of five and has studied under various masters at the Malaysian Institute of Art and at the KL College of Art.

He specialises in large format water-colour paintings. His style of works are of a semi-photorealistic, that is, depicting objects in as realistic manner as possible but with extra emphasis on intensity of colour, contrast of light and shadow, minimalist compositions and exaggerated form.

Below are the first eight pieces of goldfish artworks launching in this very Series 1.

Painting 1

This painting depicts a pair of unique patterned Japanese ranchu.
The tail spreads and the tail disc is an illustration of an ideal formation.

Painting 2

A pair of Nisai with well illustrated body shape.
One coloured head and the other white (yellowish) head.

Painting 3

3 ranchu. ‘Three’ is a lucky number to indicate ‘growth’.
In reality 85% white base fish with 15% of red patches beautifully patterned on the body is very desirable.

Painting 4

A rare depicts of a Japanese ranchu from the side.
Notice, how these top-view appreciated ranchu have slightly more longish body length.

Painting 5

A pair of ryukin.
This is a sneak-preview of perhaps the coming Series 2 artworks.

Painting 6

This painting took a different approach. It gives a feel of the ‘East meets West’.
The theme is very Asia but the overall presentation is very Western.

Painting 7

In this painting you can find a well illustrated tri-coloured dragon-eye which is red, white and black.
Dragon-eye is the most classic goldfish adore by the Chinese.

These original artworks are not something that everyone can afford to bring home. Fortunately, we managed to secure the services of an archival professional printer that can reproduce the artworks to almost 100% accuracy using archival ink and coated fine art paper.

The result is stunning. In fact, due to the vibrancy of the inks, the reproductions look more vivid than the original! They last a lifetime and definitely a collection for goldfish and art lovers.

Note these re-print are limited edition. It has limited print run of 100pcs per artwork with certificate of authenticity (distribute worldwide). They will NOT be reprinted.

You can order through here at Fynnmood website or you can pick it up in the coming Singapore Ornamental Fish Festival 2008, this October 11th and 12th.

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