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Artist Alan Tan

Born in 1968, Alan was trained in The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 1992 and started pursuing his passion in the arts.

Armed with a wide range of experiences from Art Director of independent publications to design houses, his main strengths were in the creation and illustration of innovative art forms.

In 2004, together with a group of 3 artists Alan began to focus on the creation of paintings that are much influenced by his well-rounded exposure to the various forms of design that affect our daily lives. Working very closely with interior design consultants, Alan is able to go beyond being just an artist, blending design and the all important aesthetic subtleties his creations are very much in tune with todays lifestyle choices.

President of Fynnmood is an art lover himself. With a common interest for the passion of art, Alan has supported Singapore First Goldfish Festival organised by Fynnmood. His artworks were on display on that event.

To learn more about Alans works, kindly refers to www.atroom.com.sg

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