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AGA Judge’s Award Winners

Abstract from American Goldfish Association Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 1 January, February, 2008

The AGA Judge’s Award is presented at each fish show sanctioned by the AGA in the current year. In 2007, each judge selected his/her own award for presentation. In 2008, we will use a standardized ward, developed by Patti Magee, for presentation at each show. A picture of the award is presented below.

At each goldfish show sanctioned by the AGA, the judge/judges pick a fish that they believe is worthy of a major award. At most shows, this award is placed just below that of Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. In 2007, the AGA sanctioned 11 shows, with 11 Judge’s awards given out to outstanding fish.

We asked that all candidate and certified judges choose from among the 11 fish awarded to determine the 2007 “Judge’s Award” fish of the year.

For 2007, the “Judge’s Award” fish of the year went to a Ryukin owned by Vicki Knill: Judge’s Award—Fish of the Year

Second place fish was awarded to a Pearlscale Oranda owned by Larry & Pat Christensen: Judge’s Award—Runner-up Fish of the Year

3rd place fish: Judge’s Award—2nd Runner-up Fish of the Year

Shown below are pictures of the fish nominated for the 2007 Judge’s Award fish of the year. (The remaining 8 of the 11 awarded fish)

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