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 Mr. Jatuphol Sunthornwat

Mr. Jatuphol Sunthornwat or sometimes known as Mr.A or A.Chonburi and specially given the title of Ranchu Star by his Master Mr Kashino. Mr A started keeping ranchu in 1999 and his love, quest and ability to raise good ranchus did not go unnoticed by Mr. Kashino. Since 2004, Mr.A has been traveling to Japan to live with his Master Mr Kashino at his home in Kojima Shimonocho, Kurishiki-Shi Okyama-Ken Japan for three months every year to help his Master to raise some of the finest ranchu in the world.

Mr. A has lost count of how many trophies he has won over the years. In 2006, he went to Japan with his own breed ranchu to participate in the All Japan Ranchu Show

Our next two Judges are also from Thailand and both are very well known Top View Ranchu keepers and judges in Thailand.

Mr. Kitikorn Chusananalin and Mr. Nueng Watthong

Mr. Kitikorn Chusananalin is better known by his nickname Lek.

Lek owns and runs a printing company in Bangkok. He started keeping ranchu in 2001 and fell in love with the beauty and elegance of this wonderful man made beauty. His pursue to learn more lead him to visit Japan to learn from Mr. Oishi.

Well, like all Japanese disciples wanting to learn from a great master, Lek had to endure hardship and live with Master Oishi in his house for several weeks. Having to wake up early in the morning to wander into the wilderness to collect water fleas to feed the kurokos and also having to scrub, clean and change the water in the over 100 ponds everyday on Master Oishi farm.

Like all modern day disciples, Mr. LEK was not satisfied with just learning from one master but went on to visit other Ranchu Masters as well. His adventurous visits to Japan also helped him to sharpen his eyes for ranchu.

After his return home to Thailand, he was not only enlighten but was also converted to becoming a devout ranchu addict and he has very little option but to convert his entire roof top of his printing company into a ranchu farm. In this way, he can kill two birds with one stone

Master Oishi is no longer regarded as a master to Lek but the best of friends despite both communicating with each other with a combination of Thai, Japanese, English and Sign languages.

Lek is the vice chairman of the Thailand Goldfish Ranchu Club

Lek is a regular at all the Top View Ranchu competitions held in Thailand and he has several East Ozeki title to his credit.

In the All Thailand Contest 2002 Lek won the 1st, 4th, 11th and the 16th position for the Oya class. In 2005 his ranchu won the Best In Show and 2nd in the Tosai class.

This year at the Thailand Goldfish Ranchu Club competition, He won 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th placing for the junior class.

Like Lek, Mr. Nueng Watthong also started keeping ranchu in 2001. Mr. Nueng Watthong not only keeps TVR but also several varieties of goldfish especially the side view ranchu. Mr. Mr. Nueng Watthong is currently one of the top 5 breeders or TVR and SVR in Thailand. His ranchus has graced many homes in Singapore.

Mr. Mr. Nueng Watthong has 3 Best in Show (Grand Champion) to his credit.

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