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When I first met Kashino-san, it was quite a few years back in Japan. I was attending their internal club competition. To be there standing side by side with so many famous breeders is like a dream come true for me. I was lucky enough to be at the right place and the right time.

As I stand along the drive way, i saw breeders coming out from their MPV holding their future champions fish in their hand. Some only bring one bucket (ranchu in side) with them while others carried a couple of buckets. They walk speedily, yet in very still hand to have as little disturbance as possible to the ranchu in bucket. Along the way, breeders would stop and do their traditional greeting gesture to one and another. There are full of respect among the breeders. It was a great sight. Another interesting thing that I noticed was that it seemed that from the moment the breeders alighted from their vehicle, they were all holding their breath, only when they finally reached the registration bench before they took another breath. Anxiousness showed in some of the breeders face, but everyone remained composed.
As for me, I was overwhelmed. Me, too, I tried to compose myself and carefully I walked around the competition ground, trying not to be in anyone's way. But on that day, there is one particular thing on my mind, which is to meet Kashino-san.

After walking a few rounds, I met a couple of famous breeder including Ishikawa-san. But yet I could not see or spot Kashino-san. Ultimately, I turned to Mori-san, the owner of the famous Pisces Japanese Fish magazine for help. Mori-san was sitting at one corner toying with his camera. He was a regular in such kind of big event; hence he was calm and relaxes. He smiled and offered help, as though he can read my mind. I told him that I wanted to meet Kashino-san and so he led me to him.
Kashino-san gave me a warm and friendly smile. I was so excited that my tongue got tied! There was so many questions that I wanted to ask, and I would like to express my joy to meet him, but nothing came out, except returning him with my silly looking smile.
With Mori-san's help, Kashino-san and I managed to exchange a few words. Meeting him, having a photo taken with him and finally get to talk to him was more than I ever desire for. I was so happy and I brought these memories back with me to Singapore and kept it within me for many years.

Recently, I started the goldfish forum in remembrance to Mr. Ma, a Chinese grandmaster in Chinese goldfish. Then one thing lead on to another, I started Fynnmood Club. I started asking myself, how I can bring the joy I have experienced to share with the rest of the hobbyists back in Singapore. Then Kashino-san himself answered my earnest hope.
Kashino-san is to kind to hand pick a number of his Tosai and send direct from Japan to Singapore to support Fynnmood to promote ranchu keeping in Singapore.

Once again THANK YOU Kashino-san for your kind support.

To own a piece of Kashino-san personally selected ranchu bring great joys and honor to many hobbyists. And Fynnmood is very proud to able to bring this special moment to Singapore hobbyists.
Stay tune for more photo from Kashino-san and the arrival of the shipment.

Below attached are some of Kashino-san hand-pick ranchu that is coming to Singapore directly from Japan.

Kashino ranchu is here in Singapore on 27 July! Yet another importance milestone for fynnmood
Interested please email me at mcktan@gmail.com or private message (PM) me at fynnmood forum.

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