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This is some of the information on Fynnmood Judge from Indonesia for our Goldfish Festival competition.

Mr Ever Tagoli
Age: 30 years and single
Origin: Bandung Indonesia

Since year 2000 Mr Ever Tagoli has won over 500 trophies in various competitions in Indonesia.
A quick search in the internet and ones can easily see how successful Mr Ever Tagoli has achieved in fish competition and perfecting his arts of fish keeping.

His farm is located at Bandung (Its quite a highland ) so the weather are a little bit cold at during the evening making the place very ideal for the breeding and raising of goldfish. His farm uses natural river water which flows naturally from the dense mountain forest. Mr Ever Tagoli does not rely on any filtration system but rely on this natural flowing water from the mountain which runs non-stop to keep the ponds in his farm in excellent condition.

His farm is about 1000 m2 and he has 8 workers helping him to produce about 2000pcs of high grade gold fish every month.
He is believed to be thefirst indonesian that is able to produce TVR that can rival those imported from Thailand and Indonesia.

Due to market conditions, his farm produces more side view ranchus than top view ranchus.The orandas, ranchus and ryukin produces from this farm are of high quality.

Mr Ever Tagoli participates in almost every competition held in Indonesia and is a regular winner at every competition.

He looks very fierce with his tatoo, but in fact he is a very kind and nice guy. He is always willing to share his knowledge.

Picture of Mr Ever Tagoli in his farm.

This is some of the information on Fynnmood Judge from Thailand for our Goldfish Festival competition.

Mr Suthichai Athabodeekul
Age: 40years

Our next Judge for the 1st Goldfish Festival is Mr Suthichai Athabodeekul. He is a consultant with a real estate Company that is rank top twenty in real estate in Thailand.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Communication Arts and lives in central business district in Bangkok. Mr Suthichai Athabodeekul is a bachelor but married to his precious goldfish. He is also the consultant of Weerapong Goldfish farm at Bhuthamonlhon Sai 5, which he co-owns.

Mr Suthichai Athabodeekul started his goldfish passion since 15 years ago. As like most goldfish hobbyist, just like musicians where they have their specialty, which for him is ryukin, and his "minor" specialties, which is oranda and ranchu. Mr Suthichai Athabodeekul special love for ryukin has helped him won many prizes

As a hobbyist for over 15 years, he believes that if we love the fish in the deepest of our heart. We will see our fish to its best.

His passion for goldfish soon grow to the extend that he started participating in goldfish competitions since 2000 where he won first prize in the year 2000 in the Princess Cup, the Royal Highness Cup and the Department of Fisheries Cup in that year in the Ryukin class. These are the awards that he has won since 2000

Champion in Ryukin

Princess Cup 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006

Royal Highness Cup 2000,2001, 2003, 2004

Department of Fisheries Cup 2000, 2001,2002,2005, 2007

JJ Mall cup 2007

Champion in Oranda

Princess Cup 2000, 2005, 2007

Royal Highness Cup 2005,2006, 2007

Champion in Ranchu

Princess Cup 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


This is some of the information on Fynnmood Judge from Malaysia for our Goldfish Festival competition.

Mr. Raymond Cheah

Mr. Raymond Cheah grew up in a family that is Fish farmer since 1918 in Kulim, Kedah. However with his passion for ornamental fish, he ventured into the ornamental aquarium fish breeding in Singapore in 1976. Ten years later, he started another ornamental aquarium fish farm in Johor, Malaysia known as Technofish Sdn Bhd, which Raymond is their Managing director.

Raymondís Farm have successfully bred more than 80 species & 150 varieties of aquarium fishes in commercial scale such as the Blue Angle, Longfin Serpae Tetra, Red Pristella, Golden Thick-lip gourami, 40 species of tetras, five species of barbs, seven species of rainbow fish, 10 varieties of angel fish and four species of gourami with exports to the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Technofish Sdn Bhd, which started business in 1986, is probably the biggest producer of cultured aquarium fish in Malaysia, with over 800 ponds spread over 8ha in Seelong, 17km from Johor Baru. Technofish Sdn Bhd is one of the largest ornamental aquarium fish farm in Malaysia.

Raymond is also the managing director of Xian Leng Aquatic (Kluang) Sdn Bhd Established in the year 2003 spanning every aspect of the captive commercial breeding of Asian Arowanas and ornamental fish value chain. The companyís construction activities are still in progress and farming activities have not commenced as yet.

Born in the year of the Dragon, Raymond is the current Vice-President of the Malaysia Aquarium Fish Breeder Association (MAFBA) and Steering Committee member of the Asia Pacific Ornamental Fish Union (AOFU).

Apart from fish breeding, Raymond is also actively involved in the import and export of aquarium fish and a hardcore collector of wild ornamental fishes all over the world.

With so many ornamental fish to deal with, Raymond only has one favorite; the humble Goldfish.

Raymond first got hooked on goldfish at a very tender age of 4 when he used to feed his grandfather goldfish which were then very popularly kept in earthen or porcelain containers with lettuce leave. It was however not till the age of 16 that Raymond really got addicted on goldfish that he seriously started keeping goldfish. His favorite goldfish are Ryukin, Ranchu, Pearlscale and the perennial favorite amongst the Chinese, the oranda.

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