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Commercial Club (Membership Card)

Is Fynnmood Goldfish Club a commercial club?

Guess, before we can answer this question, we will need to define the phrase commercial club.

Adjective: Commercial.

Connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises.

Our last successfully event was partly sponsored by these (commercial) fish shops and farm. Their support have helped the Club to continue promoting the hobby and enjoy the fun of fish keeping.

The Club standpoint strongly believes that the commercials and the hobbyists go hand in hand. Only as a whole the country will able to improve and raise the standard of fish keeping. Lets create a scenario, where the hobbyists are going to boycott the commercial, without customers, the commercial will not able to substance their business, they will start to close down one by one. And at the end of the day, where do the hobbyists get to see fish?

When the commercial flourish, naturally, they will able to get better fish into the country. As result, the hobbyists will be exposed to more quality fish, hence hobbyists can learn (get to see) and have more choice in their hand of the varieties of fish they would like to keep.

The Club is officially registered in ROSE. It is bound by Singapore club regulation that it would remain as a non-profit organisation. All money matters are properly recorded and reported to the government board yearly. Hence, as a non-profit organisation, the Club needs the commercial supports in order to hold activities like competitions and exhibitions in order to promote the hobby.

So the next question, should the club encourage hobbyists to buy expensive fish? Well, the answer is very clear. The money is in your pocket, you decide to or not to buy. If you have the spare cash for your hobby and want to start of with a better quality fish, needless to say, we will need to pay more. In other words, donít let anyone influence you, buy what you like and what you think is worth. For those that are not willing to spend too much, there are always other options, like, you can take your time visit from one shop to another and seek for the best fish with the best price - Fish Hunting. It is also another form of enjoyment when come to fish keeping hobby. This is what the Club is here for, to share our experience and fun together with you.

Fynnmood will continue to build good relationship with the commercial committee and hopefully it would bring mutual benefit to the club (hobbyists) and the commercial.

In fact we have such a good relationship with the commercial that some of the popular fish shops and farms in Singapore are providing our members with discount. On your next visit to one of these shops, members remember to show your membership card upon purchase.

So members do not forget to contact the committee to collect your membership card!

Signing off by wishing you a joyful fish keeping!!!!!

Thank you,


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