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Artist: Victor Ng

Website: http://fengshuiart.blogspot.com/
Email: junkeatng@hotmail.com

Mr Victor Ng hails from Klang Malaysia, the birthplace of the ubiquitous Bak Kut Teh.

He has been painting since the age of five and has studied under various masters at the Malaysian Institute of Art and at the KL College of Art.

He specialises in large format water-colour paintings with a slant towards feng shui related subject matters. His works are of a semi-photorealistic style, that is, depicting objects in as realistic manner as possible but with extra emphasis on intensity of colour, contrast of light and shadow, minimalist compositions and exaggerated form. Although not a full time artist, he still manages to churn out a prodigious volume of paintings; both for his own collection and for private/corporate commissions.

Other art pieces:

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