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Culture and Arts

In the 100 years for Chinese culture, goldfish have regards as an auspicious animal, goldfish are loved by many, they are also considered as the symbols of peace, wealth, and prosperity. Goldfish is also a non-territory fish, it is also represents friendship.

If one is to break the Chinese characters of the word ‘Goldfish’ it actually carry two fortunate meaning, one is ‘Gold’ needless to say it represents wealth and the other word sound like ‘Surplus’ which mean a quantity much larger than is needed.

Goldfish with its beautiful colours and fantastic shapes, besides being the living jewel of art, goldfish here have been extensively depicted in the works of art and crafts.

Red paper cutting of goldfish is a very common decorative craft that can be found in the Chinese house. Goldfish are often used as the same theme some other works like pottery figure, Chinese painting and porcelain.

Japanese also cultivated a strong appreciation for goldfish. In Japan, goldfish is affiliated with summer. Summer is a time of many festivals. People would enjoy taking a stroll out in the evening cool and ‘Netting Goldfish’ is a common traditional carnival game back in the olden days. Hence, very naturally, goldfish is associated to joy and happiness.

Amongst Japanese arts and crafts, pictures of goldfish often decorate ceramics, tableware, kimono, ornaments, painting, collectable toy, etc.

There are many varieties of goldfish, one of the variety seen most frequently are the goldfish that is lack of the dorsal fin.

Many scholars from both China and Japan are poetry emotion, using goldfish as the subject when come to writing a poem to depicts the beautiful summer or a beautiful lady they fond of.

With that said, as an art lover myself, I would like to welcome you to join me to the world of goldfish arts and crafts.

Steven TONG

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