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Artist: Mr. Low Tho Seng

Born in Singapore: 1951
Mobile: (65) 9832-5120
Email: amprex@pacific.net.sg

A self-taught artist since the age of 13 and was fascinated in water colour painting in that early age. Mr Low learned by observing those pioneer artists painted Singapore River and Chinatown. Did extensive research on painting in library, attended various art exhibitions and demonstrations.

Mr. Low took 20 years to master the technique of fine water colour painting. The works are now widely collected both local and in overseas. Besides water colour, the artist also painted with oil, acrylic pastel and other medium.

Selected Group Exhibitions
1984 to 1999 - UOB Painting of the Year; National Museum Art Gallery & UOB Plaza
Singapore Art Fair; Various Venues
IBM Art Award; National Museum Art Gallery
National Museum Centenary Art Exhibition; National Museum Art Gallery
6-Men Art Exhibition; National Library
Kidney Foundation Art Fair; Empress Place

Highly commended UOB Painting of the Year 1984, 1988, 1994, 1996, 1998
Highly commended IBM Art Competition - 1988

UOB Bank Group, IBM Singapore, Keppel Group,
National Museum Art Gallery, National Library, SIA Japan
Art Galleries and other private and public collectors in Singapore and overseas

Commissioned Works
Commissioned by Grassroot Organisations portrait painting for:
The Senior Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong
The Present Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon
The Minister for Information and the Arts Lee Yock Suan
The Minister for Finance Dr. Richard Hu
The Minister for Home Affair Prof Jeyakumar
Nepal Princess

Others commissioned works include:
Paintings of golf activities for auction and collectors
Painting of Past Singapore for Montfort School
Painting of Chinese YMCA old building for YMCA
Painting of Chong Boon Market for ex-Member of Parilament
Painting of Old Victoria School for the school
Painting portraits for family

Teaching both children and adult art in various venues

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