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It was the beginning of the year 2000. Singapore goldfish hobbyists had already bestowed with a couple of clubs uniquely focus on ranchu and also general in goldfish upon an unsuspecting though grateful Singapore. But fish keeping hobbyist's appetite seems to be insatiable. They demanded more and different. And we were determined to rise to the challenge.

We started off with the Forum which is purely meant to dedicate to a Chinese goldfish master/breeder that we have learned so much from. Then we endeavored to create a club with unique objective. But even before dreaming up a good club, we knew we did have to explain what other activities we can provide to the hobbyists as a club.

You may recall that some clubs are specializing in Japanese/Thai ranchu, the others in Chinese goldfish. That accounted for almost everything about goldfish under one roof. But we knew we could not keep hitting the hobbyists with a constant stuff like: grooming skills, breeding skills, health caring, etc.

Suddenly, an idea hit us, an idea that was simplicity itself and which guaranteed we did never have to worry about explaining the origin of Fynn Mood Club again!

It hit me when I thought of the word "addiction". We all know that addiction occur in nature. For no apparent reason a man can go to a fish shop and started buying his first tank and fish, or some time one can travel long distance just to take a look at the fish or skipping lunch just to save enough money to buy a fish. And the beautiful thing about such addictions is they don't require any explanation. They can happen to anyone. Once we decided that our little club of addictions characteristic, the rest was simplicity itself. We merely had to decide how we are going to 'solve' this addiction.

The objective of the club is to occasionally seek out breeders from all over the region and import those breeders' fish that the club find them interesting. These fish would be brought forwards to club members to study and appreciate. These fish shall serve as benchmarks to the fish found in locate fish shops/farms. Hopefully, in time, the club members would have better eyes for identifying what they are bringing home.

Of course, after saying all these, the club would provide the usual cliché information those beginner hobbyists (or members) that needs, like setting up a good environment for good fish keeping.

Now that we have the origin objective of the Fynn Mood Club - a far cry from the countless varieties of goldfish that the club will constantly add to make this hobby fill with colourful characteristic.

Currently, we will admit to having a soft spot among the club members for ranchu. Over the time, butterfly dragon eye and oranda has definitely become the star of the club, although everyone has his or her own particular favourites.

Now, before we turn you loose, you may have wondered how the club name "Fynn Mood" was chosen. Here's the inside scoop...

I originally wanted to call the club "(Singapore) Goldfish Club", but there are many good clubs out there and the members rejected the name because they doubted that having the word "Singapore" is too heavy for a little club like us. After thinking about it for a while, it occurred to me that all the goldfish have an important characteristic over their fins. So the word 'Fynn' is born (same pronunciation fins). Also one common word that regularly pop up among hobbyists question is "Are you in the mood to go see fish today?". This is how the club name is formed 'Fynn Mood'.

And now, having paid your literary dues, it is time for you to enjoy the best Fynn Mood can offer. I, welcome you to join us.

President/Founder of Fynn Mood


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